Vic and Pam

Vic and I would like to personally thank you for a job well done for selling our home and assisting us with the purchase of a new home.

Your excellent service, frequent communication, professionalism and dependability, made the sale process so much easier for us. At times, we even felt as though we were your only clients. We knew instantly that we had selected the right Realtor.

Your attention to detail as well as your knowledge of the current market assisted us in understanding what people in this area are looking for in a home.

You were quick to return calls, answer questions and advise us on matters concerning selling and buying.

We were so pleased that every phone call to answer our questions or calm our concerns was returned so quickly!

You contacted us regularly, even when we hadn’t called you, to keep us informed on both transactions. You made sure that paper work was in order , deadlines were met, and our closings went smoothly.

We felt both transactions were handled in a very professional manner. Real estate information was clear and concise. Our questions and concerns were addressed promptly, and deadlines were met on time.

Closings on both properties went smoothly.

You went above and beyond and we would certainly recommend your services to anyone that is interested in buying or selling a home.

— Vic and Pam